sunny days

Wow another sunny day with rippable waves on the North Shore of Oahu!
What a blessing ,,,,,,,,i surfed Rockys in the morning then went for lunch at the most amazing restaurant at Haleiwa, Celestial is awesome……all organic, tasty and healthy!!!!The plates are all very good and cheap……….i’ve been eating lunch there so much lately i just LOVE it!
Midday now and im working on emails,,,,,,,,and thinking a lot lately about my plans for the summer time i know ill be going to CA for the XXL party in April then to Brazil for a mounth to visit my family and friends, but after that i still have no plans!
I really want a go to Indo and Tahiti and if Red Bull helps me i would also love to be around the boys on the waiting period for the paddle in Dungeons contest in South Africa!
Oh well, we will see what happens!
Right now im gone focuse on the late season in North Pacific which is still going off and start ordering my boards for summer to travel to hollow waves around the world!I want to get good left hand barrels but i definetly need to improve my backside tuberiding on some hollow rights!
My next 6 mounths might be on the road!!!!!!



One response to “sunny days

  1. Lohran Anguera Lima

    Hey Maya!
    Your English is pretty good!
    Well, I think you’re really missing Brazil…but soon you will be here with your parents to have a good time.
    About your plans for the next 6 months, I have a suggestion: spend two months in Indo to relax and surf the left hand barrels that we, goofies (footer), love! ^^ Just kidding…keep following Burle’s tips, that’s the best thing you have to do.
    God bless you,

    Lohran Anguera Lima.

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