Im Healthy again,,,,,feeling strong!Is funny how when you get sick you appreciate that …..and since i got better i ve been very thankfull to feel strong to surf again!
We have been having an amzing run of swells in Hawaii…..the waves are pumping everywhere with light offshores and sunshining!I ve been riding Sunset a lot lately and its been the best week of the winter in my opinion, today it was still perfect sunset and i surfed for a little while but then decided to take a break because tommorow we are excpecting a big swell and hopefully we will see some good surf at Waimea!
Im hopping for some 20 footers,,,,,,it would be a dream!Yesterday i watched the most beautifull Sunset at Pipe with perfect barrels and amazing colors on the sky!Im stoked to be here, and we are finally getting the waves we waited the whole winter !!!!!Im still working on the shipping for our jet ski , me and Carlos have being doing a lot to make the jet ski deal happen!But fortunately we got the FX Yamaha and we are super stoked, now is just a matter of time for us to be surfing the outer reefs in Oahu together…..



2 responses to “Health

  1. Maya,

    Pratico surf a 1 ano e meio. Admiro sua coragem e determinação!

    Você e um exemplo para todos!

    Continue sempre assim.

    Um grande abraço,


  2. Olá Maya,
    A matéria daTRIP ficou demais… vc está cada vez mais linda!!!
    Sucesso, torço por vc!!!!

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