Me ,my mom and sister flew to Maui yesterday to stay for 2 days in the island!Its been real fun…….Yesterday we rented a car and drove around the west side of the coast , ate in a real good restaurant called Mamma’s Fish Place and took some good pictures on every single beach we went passed!
We spend the night in a lovely hotel in Lahaina;s beach and they went out on a whale watch cruise while i decided to stay and work on the internet for a little while!Had some emails to do , maps to check and a Jet Ski buy to coordenate…Red Bull just gave me and carlos Burle my tow partner my first jet ski,,,,,,,,,,,Uhuuuuu!!!!!
Im so stoked it really sounds like a dream!
We bought a FX Yamaha and it just arrived on the painter in Santa Barbara to get all the Red Bull logo done before shippind it to Oahu, where its gone be based so we can train together and i will finally be able to drive a lot!Thats actually my big goal now,,,,,get confident with my tow equipment and the driving and rescueing for my partner to be safe!
I cant wait to get started!!!!!!!
So tonight we are going back to Oahu and Thursday the waves pick up again,,,,,after a calm time we might get some surf for the next couple weeks!!!!



One response to “Maui

  1. Words of a wise woman!
    We have class again this Friday, Kyle is coming back from Hawai’i, yes even to battle the cold again! We made a new logo and you are in it. I think you are going to really like it! We will all be thinking of you, too bad you weren’t here in SB with your new boat, we’d definetly go out!
    Miss you.
    Big Sis

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