Today is Satyrday and i was planning on ride my bike to Yoga in Waialua which is 1 hr from my house!
But its raining and windy,,,,,,,,,,,i might have to change my plans and drive there!
Today is flat and tommorow we are excpecting a big NE swell which is a different direction and probably its not gone be any good around the North Shore!
But good news is that there is a good swell coming on Tuesday and my mom and sister are gone be here already , cant wait to take them to the beach maybe they gone be blessed with a big Pipeline to watch on their first day in Hwaii, not bad uh?
Im planning on taking them to Maui its also gone be my first time there so im really excited!
We gone go on the ferry and Raquel and Carlos might join us,,,,,,its gone be super fun!
So now im just waiting to get light and maybe the rain will stop so i can ride to yoga!



2 responses to “Weekend

  1. Olá Maya!! Vi a reportagem do Esporte espetacular!! muito manero,,,, eu e minha namorada tb pegamos altas!!! eu moro na barra da tijuca aki no rio… bom, enfim….sou professor de ingles e tb rapper…tenho feito vários show aki no Rio…… os raps que eu faço sao todos voltados pro surf life style………gostaria muiiiiiito que voce acessasse o meu my space…pq lá tem todas as 6 musicas …..tenho certeza que vai curtir!!!! o endereço é http://www.myspace.com/leleco22 … depois que escutar , let me know please!! bjus gata mt prazer. Léo.

  2. Well, nothing like having your family around to recharge the batteries! I sure hope your mother got to see you surf in style…give her a big hug for me. We now have your rain, it is a good blessing for the Earth, which has been thirsty a very long time…soon I shall be back in the liquid blue, more classes. Tyler (Mr. Corporate) says to say hello, and so does the rest of the crew from class, we all keep in contact with one another..went training with Jason around Morro Bay, it was nice, only problem? We were missing you.

    Love and Rockets
    Big Sis

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