Waves dont stop!!!


Sorry about taking some days off from my blog but i ve been living in the water….
the waves have been pumping and i cant stop surfing……..very good Sunset , Pipe, Waimea , Makaha…..one of those weeks the only thing you remember of is salt water,waves and a lot of fun!
Yesterday it was huge and they called the Eddie off cause it was blowing strong onshore, Garret Mcnamara still managed to get 3 waves and a bomb all byhimself at Waimea…..he is such a charger and an amazing watermen……..It was exciting to watch!
Today i had to rest in the afternoon after surfing Waimea 2x………..bumpy but really uncrowded!
So it looks like this week is gone keep on pumping and its 8pm im in bed cause tommorow hopefully ill be riding Big Sunset first light…..

take care


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