Big storm hits California


Those last days me , Carlos Burle and Fred Pompermayer, brazilian photografer, have been tracking this huge storm that has just hit Northern California today!We almost flew in to Todos os Santos….
but decided not to ,cause the winds were variable and it could be very stormy and unsurfable!What a hard call to make…its always sad to miss a swell!
But big wave riders like Greg Long and Grant Baker are already there waiting for it to hit its peak in Todos os Santos tommorow morning,,,,,,,and i hope they score some bombs!
They are my good friends so………hopefully they will be getting big ones if the winds back off a little!Anyway Hawaii is been very slow……but ive been riding some rippable waves at Rockys which is also fun for a change…..Today i did a very good training in the morning rode my bike to Bikram Yoga which is 1hr and 15min from my house ,,,,did 1hr and half of hot yoga and rode my bike back!
Right now im actually feeling pretty tired so i decided to invite my good friend Sabrina to watch a movie in Mililani teather………We havent spend much time together this season and im looking froward to hang out with her this afternoon….
peace and love


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